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Default Hotels in Beijing - Reviews

I wanted to give my 2 cents about my stay at the Courtyard Marriot in New World Center in Beijing!

First of all, we stayed there 4 years ago so many things could have changed. And it's good to keep in mind that this is a business hotel so most of their quests are businessmen and women. But they still offer tours from the hotel in private cars and tour guides, as well as hot spot brochures and advice for places to eat and shop.

The Hotel:

Itself the Hotel at the time was good, clean, with a small gym, a restaurant upstairs (I can't remember the floor) The front lobby is nice, a bi crowded and smoky though. Has the regular door staff who will help you with your luggage or help you catch a taxi etc etc

The Rooms:

The rooms are nice sized (we got the queens size bedroom each time) It's not a whole ton of space, but roomy enough for 2 adults with 4 big size suitcases, and lots of space to walk around still.

Rooms are clean, bathrooms are too. Well equipped with toiletry. The carpet really needs an updating, the beds are okay in comfort, If you who is someone who likes the stiffer beds, you will be okay, but if you sleep on a very soft mattress with no support you might not like these beds.

Internet is an extra charge per day- nothing crazy though it's pretty reasonable. But if you are somebody who doesn't need to use the net everyday like us, than you can use the computer downstairs for free. Calls are free local, but not international (which is the same anywhere) Breakfast was included 4years ago, and it was like that 2 other times we went, but it might have changed so be sure to ask that before you book.

The Breakfast is alright. Lots of choices between basics like bread and cereals, omelette's are made fresh and to your liking. Some chinese choices too, like congee and fried rice (which was great!) Coffee, tea, milks, juice etc It was good for being free and tasty. It's not the most expensive breakfast you ever had, but it's good and filling.

The Staff:

Is good and helpful. We had one trouble with changing money there with the front lobby staff where they confused one of our $50 CAD bill with another customer but insisted it was us. No where in China do they liked ripped or crumbly money so make sure you take out nice crisp bills before you leave for China. Well they insisted it was us so we had to give them a $50 that wasn't slightly folded on one's weird and they way they did it made me very nervous. That was the only thing I really didn't like. Otherwise the staff is always ready to help you with anything, from room problems to writing down addresses in chinese or phrases in chinese to help you.

The Location:
It's a perfect location. It's attached to the New World Center (a huge and very convenient Mall) Right in the center of everything, like shops, restaurants, even night clubs (don't worry it's not noisy or suspicious). And the huge plus is that it's about 5 mins walking distance from the subway! Excellent location for the price and hotel!

My rating (out of 5 stars):

3 stars! It matches the 3 star hotel rating, the price, location and quality of stay was all 3/5 and it's reasonable for me to say the stay was comfortable, clean and convenient!

Enjoy your stay!
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